The Grim Smile of the Five Towns

The Grim Smile of the Five Towns

作者:Arnold Bennett

Book Excerpt

amount to very much.

These were nearly the last words that Ella spoke to Horace that
afternoon. The introduction was made, and Sidney slipped into the
party as comfortably as he slipped into everything, like a candle
slipping into a socket. But nevertheless Ella talked no more. She
just stared at Sidney, and listened to him. Horace was proud that
Sidney had made such an impression on her; he was glad that she
showed no aversion to Sidney, because, in the event of Horace’s
marriage, where would Sidney live, if not with Horace and Horace’s
wife? Still, he could have wished that Ella would continue to
display her conversational powers.

Presently, Sidney lighted a cigarette. He was of those young men
whose delicate mouths seem to have been fashioned for the nice
conduct of a cigarette. And he had a way of blowing out the smoke
that secretly ravished every feminine beholder. Horace still held
to his boyhood’s principles; but he envied Sidney a little.

At the conclusion of the festivity these two women n

作者:Arnold Bennett

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