Under the Redwoods

Under the Redwoods

作者:Bret Harte

Book Excerpt

by the patient in swallowing in his semi-conscious state. As
he lay more quiet, muttering still, but now unintelligibly, Daddy,
waiting for a more complete unconsciousness and the opportunity to
slip away to Falloner’s, cast his eyes around the cabin. He
noticed now for the first time since his entrance that a crumpled
envelope bearing a Western post-mark was lying at the foot of the
bed. Daddy knew that the tri-weekly post had arrived an hour
before he came, and that Lasham had evidently received a letter.
Sure enough the letter itself was lying against the wall beside
him. It was open. Daddy felt justified in reading it.

It was curt and businesslike, stating that unless Lasham at once
sent a remittance for the support of his brother and sister–two
children in charge of the writer–they must find a home elsewhere.
That the arrears were long standing, and the repeated promises of
Lasham to send money had been unfulfilled. That the writer could
stand it no longer. This would be his last communicatio

作者:Bret Harte

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