The Goose Girl

The Goose Girl

作者:Harold MacGrath

Book Excerpt

the other does not matter. I am a mountaineer from Jugendheit.”

“Jugendheit?” She paused to look at him more closely. “We are not
friendly with your country.”

“More’s the pity. It is a grave blunder on the part of the grand duke.
There is a mote in his eye.”

“Wasn’t it all about the grand duke’s daughter?”

“Yes. But she has been found. Yet the duke is as bitter as of old. He
is wrong, he was always wrong.” The old man spoke with feeling. “What is
this new-found princess like?”

“She is beautiful and kind.”


The geese were behaving, and only occasionally was she obliged to use
her stick. And as her companion asked no more questions, she devoted her
attention to the flock, proud of their broad backs and full breasts.

On his part, he observed her critically, for he was more than curious
now, he was interested. She was not tall, but her lithe slenderness gave
her the appearance of tallness. Her hands, rough-nailed and sunburnt,
were small and shapely; the bare foot in the wooden shoe

作者:Harold MacGrath

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