Opera omnia Desiderii Erasmi Roterodami

Opera omnia Desiderii Erasmi Roterodami

作者:de Jonge, H.J.
语言:English; Latin
出版社:Huygens instituut/Brill


history; european history; Erasmus; Jacques Paul Migne; Latin


The Apologia respondens ad ea quae Jacobus Lopis Stunica taxauerat in prima duntaxat Noui Testamenti aeditione is Erasmus’ first apology against the Spaniard
Stunica. Erasmus himself classed it under the eighth ‘ordo’ of his works, that is,
the ‘ordo’ of his apologies; see Ep. I to Botzheim, 30 January 1523, p. 4 I, 1. 22,
and cf. Ep. 2283 to Boece, 15 March 1530, 1. 189. Since the editors of BAS
reserved the seventh ‘ordo’ (‘tomus’ in their terminology) for the Paraphrasis in
Nouum Testamentum, in accordance with Erasmus’ direction in the letter to
Botzheim (Ep. I, p. 41, 1. 8), and the next ‘ordo’ for the translations from the
Church Fathers, in accordance with the letter to Boece (Ep. 2283, 1. 155), the
collected apologies eventually became the ninth ‘ordo’, not the eighth. In the
present edition, the ~rst apology against Stunica is the second volume of the
ninth ‘ordo’. Four further apologies against Stunica and that against Carranza
will form, or form part of, another volume.
Interestingly enough, the first apology against Stunica is the first work of
Erasmus whose final authentic redaction turns out not to be contained in an
edition printed during Erasmus’ lifetime, but in BAS. This remarkable fact as
well as its consequences for the pres~nt edition will be discussed in detail in the
Introduction, chapter VI.
In addition to those who, at the request of the editorial board, took charge
of the supervision of this volume and whose names are recorded on the verso
of the title-page, M. de Jonge of Leiden has kindly read and criticized the
The editorial board and the editor of the present volume thank all libraries
who put books, photostats, microfilms and bibliographical material at theirdisposal. They would also like to thank Mrs Anna de Haas of the NorthHolland
Publishing Company for the valuable assistance she has rendered in
seeing this volume through the press.

作者:de Jonge, H.J.
语言:English; Latin
出版社:Huygens instituut/Brill

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